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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to On the Rox Trailers, where family and passion come together to craft unforgettable experiences. Our story is a tale of reinvention, brought to life by a family of four – myself, my husband, and our two girls.​ The journey began when we decided to restore a 1985 Hartman trailer, a labor of love that wouldn't have been possible without the expertise of our 80-year-old ex-marine uncle.


It was during this process, amidst the smell of fresh paint and the echoes of power tools, that the spark of an idea took hold.​We first encountered mobile bars at an event, and it was as if the stars had aligned. The concept of a mobile bar, a hub of celebration and joy, struck a chord with us. What started as a simple notion grew into a full-blown passion project.​  As empty-nesters, we were searching for our next adventure, and that adventure became On the Rox Trailers.


From a thought to a reality, our business has blossomed. We are driven by the thrill of bringing that extra special touch to every event we cater to.​With every event we attend, with every cocktail we serve, and with every smile we see on our clients' faces, we are reminded of the magic that can be created when family, love, and a dream come together. On the Rox Trailers is not just a business; it's an extension of our family, and we invite you to share in the joy and memories we help create, one event at a time.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

Introducing..."The Chariot"


Your ticket to sophistication on wheels. The Chariot is not your average mobile bar; it's an embodiment of elegance and style that rolls into your most cherished events. Whether it's a dreamy wedding, a joyous shower, a special celebration, a corporate gathering, or a cozy home party, The Chariot is there to elevate your cocktail experience.

This sleek and stylish mobile bar trailer isn't just a serving station; it's a work of art that has graced photo shoots and served as a backdrop to countless memories. With an aura of refined charm and a team dedicated to crafting the perfect cocktails, The Chariot promises to bring a touch of class to your every occasion. Raise your glass to unforgettable moments, all brought to you by The Chariot, where sophistication meets mobility.

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